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By Sam Kubba for Congress - 2014 Today, we are at crossroads in our history. On November 4, 2014, the citizens of Virginia’s 10th District will be able to choose from candidates that have very divergent views on the future of our Nation. As stated previously, my views are straight forward: I am committed to restoring fiscal balance, ensuring the security of America’s seniors by protecting Social Security and Medicare and protect a woman’s right to choose.

Likewise, I am committed to safeguarding the environment, and to immediately move forward to put our domestic priorities – prescription drugs, education, resolving our traffic woes, revitalize our economy, and rebuilding the Nation’s infrastructure, back on the front burner. Moreover, I want to see Virginia become the culture capital of the Nation, and and as your Congressman would have worked hard to bring museums, cultural centers and art galleries to the Commonwealth. Your Congressman should seek to provide federal and corporate grants to promising artists, and musicians. Our State should reflect our long, proud history and unique heritage.

We all know that these are not ordinary times, and extraordinary times call for extraordinary solutions. Indeed, the Republicans in Congress are hurting America. Our Tenth Congressional District is suffering from an alarming rise in loss of jobs, as numerous companies close or down size. Many constituents living in rural areas find their livelihood in jeopardy as they struggle to save the family farm. At the same time, traffic congestion is unprecedented, our economy is still in shambles. Under President Obama, we have started to recover, but we can only recover if we regain the Congress in 2014. President Obama turned the Commonwealth blue, yet out of 11 Congressional Districts, only 3 are held by Democrats. I was hoping to be the fourth. Sadly, for reasons beyond my control, I have decided to withdraw my candidacy. Please see the letter below to understand why I had to take this decision. Thank you.


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

After much soul searching and with a truly heavy heart, I have decided to withdraw from the 10th VA Congressional race. My decision was influenced by several decisive factors. These include:

  1. Health: I recently learned that I require having a hip replacement operation very soon.  This will leave me incapacitated for at least a couple of weeks.
  2. No light at the end of the tunnel: The corrosiveeffect of partisan politics, fueled by money andspecial interests, is having a debilitating effect onour state, our nation, and our priorities.This is also disenfranchising millions of Americans, especially Democrats and Independents. This is also partly why I have become totally disillusioned with Virginia’s electoral process and the blatant “Wheeling and Dealing” going on.  In fact, I have heard from several candidates and senior democrats who told me that even if I win the Primary, the Party still is unlikely to support me!  For me, this is a new low. It reaffirms for me that being the most qualified candidate is no longer enough to win an election. Our Founding Fathers must be turning in their graves!
  3. Some political ‘experts’ are saying that candidates will need to raise 20 – 30 million dollars to be viable in 2014.  Although I feel this is an exaggeration, there is no way I can raise that amount of money. 

The many challenges we face today demand a new type of leadership and a fresh perspective in Washington. We need Candidates who show courage and are not afraid to debate the issues.  We need to abide by our democratic principles as intended by our founding fathers – where Candidates are chosen by the people and for the people - not by the Establishment and for the Establishment.  I feel that Virginia needs someone who can bring us together, bridge our differences and build a brighter future for our children and their children. I have always felt that I was such a person.

The fact that I was the first person who had the courage to officially declare my intention to seek the 2014 Democratic Party nomination for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District seat held by Rep. Frank Wolf seems of little consequence.  Moreover, I challenged Frank Wolf to a one on one debate but sadly never received a response.  Likewise, I recently challenged John Foust and Richard Bolger to a debate on the important issues that concern the citizens of the 10th District, but all I got to date was silence!  WHY!!!    I was hoping that a debate would highlight where we candidates stand on theissues.I hoped to offer the voters of the 10th District, leadership and vision, and a passionate commitment to smart growth, fixing our failing schools, finding solutions to our transportation nightmare, making affordable health care available to every American, careful stewardship of the environment, and restoring fiscal responsibility and bringing JOBS to Virginia. 

Finally, I want to thank my campaign staff (especially Bahri Aliriza, Sandra Lea Derr and BJ Haflinger) who have supported me throughout the process and for whom I am eternally grateful.  I also want to thank the thousands of people that have shown their support for my candidacy and who have encouraged me every step of the way.  But whatever happens, it is imperative that we get out the vote this November, because, WHEN DEMOCRATS VOTE, DEMOCRATS WIN!!! 


Sam Kubba, Ph.D., LEED AP



The Sam Kubba for Congress campaign (10th Congressional District) is proud to announce that Ms. Sandra Lea Derr is the campaign’s new Treasurer. Ms. Derr has a Masters degree in Education and Counseling and was Branch Office Administrator for Edward Jones Investments. Sandra was also a public elementary school teacher (in Williamsport, PA and Loudoun County VA for 31 years).  Twenty-five of those years in Loudoun were at Sugarland Elementary in Sterling, VA. She is also a long time resident of the 10th District. Sandra brings with her much needed experience and passion to the campaign...WELCOME ABOARD!!! 

Today, Virginia and the Nation face difficult challenges and difficult choices. Such challenges and choices demand leadership and vision.  Virginia needs new blood, leaders who can work across aisles – by building consensus and trust.  Virginia needs someone who can bring us together, bridge our differences and build a brighter future for our children and their children - a leader who can energize our community, our State, and our Nation.  I feel I am Dr. Sam Kubba is such a Leader. 


Barry brings with him hands on experience with Virginia voters and is a pivotal component of the Kubba for Congress ‘Dream Team’.  In fact when Barry recently ran for Sterling District Supervisor in Loudoun County, VA., he stated quite categorically, “I entered this race because voters are tired of career politicians pandering to voters with false promises. The only promise I will make is this: I will maintain an open, accountable and efficient county government and will work tirelessly to serve the economic and human service needs of Sterling taxpayers.

Voters in Sterling deserve a real choice when they go to the polls. It is time for someone who is not beholding to the entrenched power of special interests to lead Loudoun County. I will stand up to "business as usual," and make serving the interests of the taxpayers—not special interests—the number one priority.”

Among Barry’s many achievements, include being elected in 2008 as an Obama Delegate for the Virginia Democratic Party, receiving an Outstanding Performance Award during the Annual Loudoun County Democrats Dinner event in 2009.

Barry is currently President/Owner of Polytrade International Corp, an exclusive worldwide distributor for PTI-ENERGY + Fuel Additives.



I am pleased to announce that I have filed as a democratic candidate for the 10 Congressional District seat of Virginia. You can find my official information on the FEC website. I am looking forward to working this campaign with you. I will now officially kick off my campaign on September 29th (Sunday) at 3:00pm at the NOVA Community College Waddell Theater in Sterling.  A number of local elected officials and candidates will be invited and the public and press are also invited to the event.  Light Refreshments will be served.


Being a Congressman is not about fame or glory, it's about hard work and dedication; it’s about serving you the people. And although it will be difficult, I truly believe that with your help we can ensure that Virginia’s 10th has representation that is inclusive and will ensure the continued prosperity of this crucial part of Virginia. I believe Frank Wolf has been absent from the 10th District so long he is out of touch with the needs of its people.  I wish to represent the interests of this district as a father, as a businessman and as a concerned citizen who is tired of being represented by a man who has been locked into the Washington political machine for the last 30 years. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Today, we face difficult challenges and difficult choices. Such challenges and choices demand leadership and vision.  We need leaders who can energize our community, our State, and our Nation forward.  I can provide the leadership that you seek. But I need your help. It will take team work to return Northern Virginia to the hands of its citizens. Please volunteer, donate if you can and talk to your family, friends and neighbors. Look forward to seeing you there.  Thank you.





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